11 years ago
I have an existing asp.net site with users and roles already. How do I utilize these user tables in YAF so that these existing users automatically have access to YAF once I installed YAF on my site? Another word, I do not want to keep two separate tables of users -- one for my site and the other for YAF. Any suggestion is much appreciated.
11 years ago
Any suggestion? Does this mean it's not possible?
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11 years ago
Don't know if anyone out there is still interested, but we were able to come up with a way to do this. Our existing web site is classic asp, so .net membership was not an option. After initially attempting to build a process that would keep in synch the user credentials for the classic site and the YAF site, we abandoned that approach, choosing instead not to use YAF's own password encryption and management. Instead, we give every user of our existing site their own account in YAF, but with a common (known only to us) password. This may be a little risky on the YAF side of things, but frankly, we didn't feel comfortable with having user passwords stored and managed in two places anyway.

In hindsight, we probably could have simplified the procedure below, however, we were trying various approaches as we went along. That said, at a high level, the steps for this were

  1. Load our existing site's user information into YAFdb
  2. Turn off (hide) all login and password functions in the YAF site. Our users can only log in or change passwords through the existing site.
  3. Add code to the existing site's login and account creation features that will post data to YAF's corresponding functions.
  4. Change the YAF web.config as described in this post: . Also set "useSalt" to false
  5. Choose a common password. Use the YAF admin interface to change one user's password to the soon-to-be common password. Use a SQL query to obtain YAF's encrypted version of that password, then a SQL update on all the other user records.

I'll be happy to elaborate in another post if anyone seeks more details.