We're focused on fostering community. That's why YAF.NET is open source, freely available and is supported by people in most parts of the globe. Stable, fast and mature, YAF.NET has advanced features to empower you and your community.

Why not get started today?

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  • Build with Bootstrap Framework
  • 22 Included Bootstrap Bootswatch Themes
  • Open Source Apache 2.0 Licensed
  • 100% Managed C# ASP.NET (Core) .NET 8 and Above
  • MS SQL Server 2012 and Above / MySQL / SQLite / PostgreSQL
  • Unlimited Boards, Forums and Topics
  • 24 Language Localizations

YAF.NET Community First

Stable and Secure

YAF.NET has been around since 2003. During that time, the application has been thoroughly tested. Since the code has been freely available for 9 years, there is nothing to hide and no stone has been left unturned.

Great Performance

YAF.NET performance is top-notch. Most long queries are cached. Even for forums with a large numbers of users and posts, YAF.NET can handle the job quickly with modest hosting requirements.


YAF.NET forum can be integrated as Areas inside a Razor Pages Application.


YAF.NET is used throughout the globe. YAF.NET supports right-to-left layouts and includes 24 localization. There's also a built-in localization editor to easily make changes to any localization.