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15 years ago
Hello there,

I am trying to integrate the existing membership with YAF. The process I have been following is from

http://wiki.yetanotherforum.net/ (S(ufghity1wjigky452qnfyn55))/AspNetMembershipIntegration.ashx

My forum is under a /YAF vitual directory running in different App.

I have successfully create the session key Session["YAFUserId"] as 48;1;mmiao

which the user id is confirmed correct by checking the YAF DB.

I think the virtual directory will not allow session created from upper app been recognize, so I create another page with queryString just to create session key inside the virtual directory. I have the page load function as followed

string idName = Request.QueryString["key"];

Session["YAFUserId"]= idName;

Response.Redirect (../yaf);

The problem is the YAF didnot recognize the session key.

What could be the problem, please give me a guide.

Appreciate your help