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15 years ago
1) There is no file called default.config what is the install.txt talking about

2) Where to add /forum/yaf/ . I have installed the module on www.abc.com/community do I need to make any changes to the web.config to define the root. If so where?

Someone please help. Thanks,


Below is the install text:

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, make sure you have a

backup of your existing database and files. At the minimum make sure

you don't overwrite your Web.config file. The existing Web.config

should work, but you might want to compare it with the new default.config to

see what has been added or removed. After upgrading you should

open install/default.aspx and your database should be automatically


1. Unzip to a folder available from your web server.

2. If you do not already have a "Web.Config" file, rename default.config

to web.config. If you do have a "web.config", merge default.config

changes with it.

3. Open up "yafnet.config" and modify connstr to a valid database connection

string for your SQL Server 2000/2005/Express database. The database that yaf

points too should already exist.

3. If YetAnotherForum.net isn't installed at the root of your web

server, make sure the files in the bin directory of the zip file

is copied to /bin on your web server. Also you'll need to add the

element to the yafnet.config to point to the correct URL.

Example: If you have install the forum in the directory "/forum/yaf/"

you will need to add /forum/yaf/ to web.config.

4. Open the file install/default.aspx on your web site. If you

are testing on your local computer, under a directory called

YetAnotherForum.Net, the address should be:


5. Follow the directions and log in with the administration account

you created during the setup.

NOTE: Url Rewriting is disable by default in this version to due to setup complexities for some users.

If you care about SEO for your forum, and are running YAF in a stand-alone configuration (non-DNN or Rainbow),

you can enable URL rewriting in yafnet.config by changing this line to true:


If you have any questions, please visit our forums at: forums.yetanotherforum.net

or e-mail to: support@yetanotherforum.net