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4 years ago
I have a website which already includes a fairly standard YAF forum. I'm now converting the rest of the site to DNN.

1. Membership provider: both YAF and DNN use membership providers which implement the standard asp.net provider. How do they work together? Is it possible to use the same provider for both YAF and DNN, and if so, how?

2. Database: can both YAF and DNN use the same SQL database, or do they need separate db's?

3. When installing the YAF module into DNN, can I point it to the existing YAF database by using Upgrade mode?

Any help appreciated!


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4 years ago
1. DNN dont use the membership providers anymore. I have not tested this but you only need to import the yaf users in to dnn. You can do that by using the users export function in yaf. And then use the import function in dnn

2. Yes

3. You only need to install the dnn module, and then select your existing board in the the module settings.