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6 years ago
Hello All

We have moved out old installation of YAF onto a new Server 2016 box and the used the upgrade tool for Version 2.2.3 to upgrade the application and database.

When we open the forum we can see post form users on the old system so we are sure our data is there. We checked the SQL database and the references to existing user accounts are all there.

The issue is when we click to logon it says user doesn't exist. We have registered a new user account and this is now visible in the SQL database.

If we try to log on as that user and put the wrong password in (on purpose) it say incorrect username or password, which is what you would expect. However if you put the correct credentials in then it just takes you back the to main page where it says 'Welcome Guest! To enable all features please Login or Register.

We registered another account and the same happened. So we can register account but cant login and our old account are not seen at all.:cry:

Can someone please help.

Thanks Alan

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6 years ago
The problem is that when you move the server, and you didn't specify a machine key in the web.config. On the new server the machine key is different, and that key is used for decrypt the passwords in the database.

The only way to resolve this would be to retrieve the autmatically generated machine key, and use the same key on the new server.