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View v1.9.6 RC1 on CodePlex 

Release Candidate. May be final release but will probably have a few tweaks/issues before final. As always, feedback is appreciated!

v1.9.6 is .NET v4 ONLY!

Changes and Features in v1.9.6 RC1:

63215c15029e - Added Album Image List DropDown to the YAF Editor to include an Album Image in a Post.

e97f83f02ee3 - Added Single Sign On via Twitter - Setting Enable Single Sign On in Host Settings Needs to be enabled and YAF.TwitterConsumerKey andYAF.TwitterConsumerSecret needs to be setup in app.config. Twitter Users can also Retweet Messages and Topics directly via the Twitter API.

e9fc44704e62 - Added New Feature to Allow Topic Title Customization with CSS Styles for Mods and Admins.

d6d136861018 - Added One More Tab to the My Topics Page that shows all Unanswered Topics Topics.

b2be8a1d157a - New Feature: Added Support for Farsi Calender (this feature needs to be verified by an persian/arabic developer)

f5d0815dc314 - Added New Admin Page "Delete Forum" you have now the Option to delete a Forum including its content, or select a New Forum where all The Topics should be moved to before the deleting of the selected forum.

c744ff13c79b - The Current Points System is now Converted in to a Reputation System instead of Adding Points (Reputation) automatically when Users Posts a Message, a User can give Reputation to another User (once a Day).

bc1385ace914 - Added Admin Interface to Add/Edit/Delete and Import/Export Topic Status.

66d9b475d8d5 - Added an image to thanks list description.

ed05fd04a051 - Added New Button to a Post "Multi-Quote"; Mark multiple Post as "Multi-Quote" and Click "Quote" and all Posts are Quoted.

916cfc3b145e - Added New Host Setting "Show Todays Birthdays in Forum Info"

407f9afdf381 - Added JS and CSS Compression via JSMin project, it autom. compresses all JavaScript and Css Blocks.

f754e6c34872 - An optional setting which places moderator list under forum description instead of a Separate Column.

34eec91d5070 - Added Download Button to the Attached Image inside The Modal Preview Window. of the Message Attached Preview Image

f2fde79416f3 - Added Spell Checking to the Standard YAF Text Editor via jQuery Ajax thru Google Spellchecker API.

d003cb720b4d - Added New Topic Icons "Hot Topic" - In the Host Settings you can define how long (in Days) a Topic should stay active, and how many Replies or Views needed until a Topic becames Hot (Popular).

a892a37fe742 - Added Flags to the Country DropDown on the Edit Profile Page.

83f508015250 - New Feature: Topic Status, Users can now select from a list of available status options a topic status, if enabled in Host Settings

dbf9572dd9ee - New Feature: User can select his country and region in his Profile

da6b2ed42ff7 - Added new BB Code ALBUMIMG - To post user uploaded Album Images

6348ef6e1b56 - Added the Topic Description (If available & enabled) to the Topic Title.

997fd993b374 - Extending the My Topics Page, now contains two more Tabs "Unread Topics" and "My Topics" - Which only shows topics the user has posted in.

867ac9d232f6 - Finally added a Real Read tracking for topics and forum for a User. By Default it uses the Old System. New System Can be turned on in Host Settings ->Features -> "Use User Read Tracking via Database"

5d8aab09d912 - Added User(s) Complete Export as XML and CSV

5d8aab09d912 - Added User(s) Importer from XML or CSV

06b0a19e73f9 - Added Signature Preview to the Edit Signature Page.

#5032 - Added New Help Topic "BB Codes List" that describes all BB Codes that can be used inside YAF.

#5025 - Added [GOOGLEMAPS] BBCode

#5025 - All List Types are now Support by BBCodes [list=1], [list=a], [list=A], [list=i], [list=I]

#5024 - Added new Core BBCode other BB Codes inside a [NOPARSE] [B]text[/B] will be not parsed.

#5007 - Added "Go to last post", and "Go to last unread" add the top of the posting list.

#4997 - Help Content is now much more flexible, Menu Items can be changed (from HelpMenuList.xml). Also all Menu Items have now tool tips, and current help topic is highlighted in the menu.

#4973 - Added New BBCodes HIDE-THANKS, HIDE-REPLY-THANKS, HIDE-REPLY and HIDE-POSTS more info here

#4944 - Added Simple "Generate New Image" Link Button to Refresh the Captcha on the Register Page

#4941 - Added Scrolling Animation to 'Back to Top' link

#4939 - Added link to user albums in posts.

#4939 - Added a dummy image for 'Back to Top' link in posts.

#4930 - Addes Single Sign On via Facebook - Setting Enable Single Sign On in Host Settings Needs to be enabled and YAF.FacebookAPIKey and YAF.FacebookSecretKey needs to be setup in app.config.

#4930 - Added New Host Setting "Register New Facebook User automatically" - Register User automatically that are trying to login thru Facebook

#4930 - Added "Share on Facebook" to the Share a Topic Menu

#4928 - Added an option in a poll to show who's voted can be enabled. Visible as a tooltip to the percentage image for the time being.

#4927 - Added "Share on Tumblr" to the Share a Topic Menu

#4905 - Added cutofftime NNTP function.

#4902 - User IP info for admins in activeusers list.

#4896 - Added List of Recent Users to Forum Info on the Board Index Page (Disabled by Default in Host Settings)

#4893 - Users can now login with User Name or Email Address or Display Name (If enabled) and Password

#4888 - Added a New BBCode

The Content is Hidden from Guests, or other roles if defined.

#4884 - New Host Setting to enable/disable Allow Avatar Gallery.

#4881 - New Feature: Topic Description, you can now enter a description to each topic if enabled in Host Settings

#4854 - New Board Setting: Email Moderators On a Reported Post

#4851 - Added User Profile Properties for Facebook and Twitter

#4841 - Added an Search Field bellow the Topics List to directly search through the current forum

#4832 - Youtube BBCode now supporting "youtu.be/xyz" urls

#4825 - New Host Setting "Handling of as SPAM Detected Messages" - Choose what to do when a Message was detected a SPAM, You can choose between Do Nothing, Flag Message as Unapproved, or reject the Message. Default is "Flag Message as Unapproved".

#4814 - Akismet Spam Service can be used for SPAM Checking (Needs an API Key)

#4814 - SPAM Service can be selected in Host Settings between Disabled, BlogSpam.Net or Akismet

#4804 - Added a New BBCode

The Content is Hidden until a User uses The Thank Button.

#4802 - Added optionally Icons for Private Message Read/Unread

#4787 - Added SPAM Protection to YAF via the Open Source SPAM Service BlogSpam.net every Post is checked for SPAM (Detection based on Post, IP, and Name)

#4787 - Added "Report as SPAM" Button to an Reported Message on the Report Messages Page

#4774 - Added a New "Share" PopMenu to the Topic Page where a User can Share a Topic via Email, Twitter, Buzz, Facebook, Digg or Reddit.

#4774 - Added a "Retweet" Button to every Post (can be Enabled/Disabled)


3b1551fad5de - Tabs on the My Topics Page are now loaded when selected, instead of loading all Tab content at the same time.

894aa5a91213 - Bugfix: User Suspension or Remove Suspension is now executed immediately

0bc4a049fa21 - A fix for board polls for multi-boards.

31d8d0c224a8 - Jquery-UI DatePicker on the Edit User Profile page can now handle Farsi Calender and Input.

662fd847579c - Bugfix: Export Function was not working after Postback, on the PM Inbox Page.

089b699ea54e - Enabled Sorting Members by Posts on the Members Page.

e9fc44704e62 - Removed the html tags feature in topic titles completly

00f678d2666a - Updated jQuery Library to Version 1.7.1

36565a3eb956 - Added Dummy "Disabled" Mobile Theme Item to allow disabling of the Mobile Theme for the Current Board.

62d3e3e8485a - Bugfix: Board Delete Function thrown Exception

a36e06f1a7f8 - Bugfix: with next/prev topic and moved topics.

e38a71138de3 - Updated Tiny_MCE Editor to Version 3.4.7

f423e45545b1 - Added A User Flag Indicating if the User is Logged in Via Facebook "IsFacebookUser".

e9f637b013ee - Watch/Unwatch Function for Topics fixed.

c00af5433887 - Assigned the Current Page Name as Css Class to every Page.

757fc0ba957e - Added Correct Forum Url to the Forum Logo Link

65a59eceeef7 - Fixed a security issue. While guests are posting they can change/delete messages send with the same IP only.

65a59eceeef7 - Added Guest group too in UserBox as users are alarmed by a false group info.

296314ae30bd - A fix for correct birtday date.

089342e1eb25 - Added New Topic Icon "TOPIC_STICKY_NEW, and added all Missing Topic Icons to the Topics Icon Legend.

1ee0ba0390f1 - Fixed Issue when Compiling YAF Project, AutoFac.dll is not deleted anymore.

36583f323c84 - Fix for 'user is not in active list after login'.

d63c13a89498 - Added imaged buttons to the Admin forum list Page.

4b3c9eb7e948 - Updated CKEditor to Version 3.6.2

2cc34ebcf945 - Tiny_MCE and CKEditor now inherit Language from YAF, also added language files for Tiny_MCE Editor.

c583ce2b36c9 - Fixed Issue with the Delete Message Page when trying to delete the first Message of a Topic.

8a02caf74e0e2 - Added a Check to the Post Message Page, that Checks if the Entered Guest Username is not too long.

1a0c612cfc42 - Added Css3 Buttons to CleanSlate Theme

ec802e3e313d - Bugfix: Urls inside html formatted Messages, that are already formatted as html anchors are not reformatted anymore.

17cac0161688 - Bugfix: All 3 Quote BBCodes should be rendered correctly now.

52c3c5db0f5b - Status Icon/Text added to Forum List Last Post Column.

8f5ff47d5a4b - Topic Status can now be defined as Icon in the themes.

949b84a63fdf - Updated DNN Profile import/export with the new Location Properties.

161b356a8364 - Important! A required change in the YAF Membership Provider. An overridden 'Description' property shows that this is a YAF provider insted of class name reference. If you use a custom built-in YAF memebership provider you should implement it.

23d9675ab35e - Made the GetText regex static and compiled for speed. GetText is a *very* common function. Even a slight increase in processing in it creates a ripple effect in performance.

0fc59d167001 - Added Num. of Album Caching, Added a few more indexes to speed up user_list.

a6c6b0b69244 - Fixed Modal PopUp Background Issue in IE8.

0e5f29eb8b24 - Two Missing Icons added to the YafMobile Theme.

c080d75dfff0 - A UTF-8 encoding fix for a poll question.

d34d7fc942bf - Fixed timezone issue in older Sql Server installs.

5778f8b16208 - Added Button Tooltips and missing Title to move Message/Move Topic Pages

51a5b8f882f8 - A bug in userFind was fixed

607f4f2d2c56 - MySQL compatibility patch.

cd8bdc20afed - Fixed Incorrect Activa User Table in Multiboard environment

#5037 - Fixed the Moderate Button on the Topics Listing Page

#5035 - Updated jQuery-UI Library to Version 1.8.14

#5031 - Proper multi-threading support added for the functions that migrate users and sync users. They are much, much faster now.

#5029 - Fixed IPv6 link on the Message History Page

#5026 - Buttons on the Report Post Page are now displayed correctly with the YAF Vision theme.

#5023 - Added Syntax Highlighting to Posts to the Last 10 Pages List on the Post Message Page and User Profile Page.

#5022 - Showing the File size in kb now on the Attachments and Edit Albums Page.

#5021 - Added A Check to Create the Uploads Folder (If not exists) before Uploading content.

#5019 - Fixed the Issue with showing the wrong Post Numbers

#5013 - Fixed RequireLogin.

#5010 - Extended the Allowed Email Length of User Email to 255 Chars.

#5009 - Recover Password now possible via UserName, Display Name or Email.

#5007 - Better Styling for the Options, Share and View Menu Items in all Themes.

#5003 - Page Title and Breadcrumb contains now current Help Topic.

#5001 - Now it auto generates SortOrder Value when you Create a New Category/Forum based on the currently highest Value used +1.

#5000 - Fixed an incorrect redirect when a new album was created.

#4996 - Fixed the problem with display names.

#4992 - A new IsDirty user flag. Used to check whether a user profile was changed. Used for portal integration and otherwise can be used by moderators to moderate user profile changes.

#4990 - Fixed Crash on bad formatted replace Word bad expressions.

#4990 - Added Check on the Add/Edit Word Replace Word Page if Expression is correct.

#4989 - Redesign of the AlphaSort Control Moved from Table to Definition List. Its now much more flexible and easier to style.

#4986 - "New Forum" Button is now hidden when there is now Category on the Admin Forums Page.

#4981 - IMG BBCode can now handle bmp files

#4980 - Updated Persian Language File (by User "malekmakan")

#4979 - An IIS semicolon vulnerability fix.

#4978 - No avatar label was visible for some time at least, even if the avatar was already were.

#4970 - Facebook User auto registration checks no if new Registrations are disabled

#4970 - SSO will check no if the Rember Me Checkbox is checked or not

#4968 - The Signature is now displayed at the bottom of the message based on the UserBox height.

#4960 - Improved NNTP handling. Actually advances the lastMessage without downloading headers if the time < cutOffDate.

#4957 - Added Fallback to Yaf BBCode Editor if User Browses with a Mobile Device

#4950 - Added MSBuild Skripts to generate YAF DotNetNuke Module Install and Source Zip File

#4943 - Fix Invalid object name 'sysfiles'

#4937 - Fixed Issue with the case-sensitive contains() Problem in UserAgentHelper.IsMobileDevice.

#4936 - Fixed issue with PipelinePreDeployCopyAllFilesToOneFolder publishing

#4931 - Unread PM in Header wasn't shown - fixed

#4931 - Unread PMs and Buddy Message in Header styled

#4929 - Fixed TypedUserList

#4918 - Added Email Validation to the Register User Page

#4892 - Fix for integration purposes. New users should be created with Guest/Board default TimeZone and while editing a Guest it changes too.

#4891 - Fixed jQuery Settings Loading

#4890 - Fixed "Failed to load viewstate" Exception when Config Setting ShowToolbar is disabled.

#4887 - Fixed Email Sending in DNN

#4884 - If all Settings Avatar Gallery/Remote Avatars/Gravatars/Avatar Uploads are deactivated the Edit Avatar Menu Item is Hidden in the User Control Panel Menu.

#4883 - Added a Cancel Button to the Avatar Gallery Page.

#4880 - All Links in Header are now containing Tool Tips with a Description

#4876 - Basic Styling of Quote messages in CKEditor (Html) when Editing.

#4873 - Incorrect paging for topics fixed.

#4867 - improved the UI of the Event log

#4859 - Improved the Truncation routines.

#4857 - Improving the error handling in the NNTP implementation.

#4856 - Fix for NNTP.

#4855 - Added Tooltips to the Email and PM Button on the Team Page

#4854 - Moderator Mails are now correctly Localized

#4853 - Added Tool Tips with Description to The Buttons on the Post Footer (User Profile Buttons) and on the Profile Page.

#4846 - Added UserName support back into the project for "Guests"

#4846 - Improved NNTP to support replies. Thanks to lets-do-diy.com

#4845 - Security Fixes for the BBCode.

#4844 - Fixed My Albums Link in the Header

#4843 - Updated Italian Language file (Provided by User francoz)

#4840 - All Users that are in a Role that have an Moderator Flag are now listed as Moderators on the Team Page.

#4840 - Moderators now use Styled Usernames.

#4840 - Moderators are now excluded from the Admin List on the Team Page.

#4839 - Added 10 Seconds Refresh Time for Moderation Info Page, and if message is posted in existing topic it is redirected to the topic instead of the forum.

#4838 - Fixed [YAF-165] UserMembershipHelper.FindUsersByName bad page index default

#4837 - The Admin Menu Accordian now Selects the Correct Menu Item on a Third Level Page.

#4836 - Updated dutch Language file (Provided by bertb)

#4835 - Fix for 'Cannot create topic if time on sql server is ahead...' bug

#4833 - Fixed Issue with not Correctly formatted IMG BBCode Tags

#4827 - The Whitespace generated by the different Html Editors is now fully ignored for the extra Line Breaking (Which is only needed in BBCode Mode).

#4825 - br Tags for Line Breaking only added in BBCODE Editor Mode generated Messages now

#4822 - YAF.NET Converted to .NET 4.0

#4815 - Don't allow crawlers to follow user profile links.

#4813 - Fixed [YAF-106] ShoutBox - Unable to resize popup box

#4812 - Fixed [YAF-156] Remove unwanted Custom BBCodes in Feeds

#4811 - Better Error Handling for Digest Sending

#4808 - Bug fix for the Digest

#4806 - Disable last post links for 'no access' forums.

#4801 - Added Check if Current (User) selected TextEditor is active - If not active it loads the Default Editor

#4800 - Fix for [img]...[/img] that contains spaces or parameter at the end of the url, also php generated image links can be used now

#4799 - Fix for Failed to send digest

#4797 - Logout Dialog is now correctly Correctly Positioned after Postback.

#4796 - Added an icon to post pager. It cuts down repeating text.

#4795 - A fix for the incorrect sort order in member list + Made group and rank lists to be displayed by sort order.

#4793 - Fix for the YafIrkoo Exceptions

#4791 - [YAF-123] Added Tooltips to Irkoo Buttons

#4789 - A possible fix for upgrade from very old versions.

#4786 - Report Post Page now uses User TextEditor

#4785 - Added "Mark all As Read" Link to My Topics Page

#4784 - Minor albums logic changes to avoid hangs in some rare hosting - specific situations.

#4783 - Fix by tommy382 to avoid ThreadAbortException on Send Email Page.

#4777 - Fixed Issue with creating Forums with a same name

#4776 - While deleting a board not all dependencies are deleted from tables.

#4774 - Added ToolTips to PopMenu Items

#4771 - Added the ability to add Icons to the PopMenu PostBack Items

#4768 - Fixed the Issue with some Localized Text wasn shown on some languages

#4765 - Display name fixes

#4765 - Fixed Incorrect poll choices count in the exact number of choices case.

#4763 - Fixed an issue with SendMailThreaded: FormatExceptions weren't being handled propertly.

#4762 - [YAF-158] Fix for Localization Text in BBCodes after user changes the language

#4756 - Fix for issue with YAF.Controls Style render throwing an out of bounds array exception.

#4754 - Added Message to Post a Private Message Page when User doesn't exists after clicking "Find User..."

YAF.NET Community Love

tha_watcha and bbobb really made this release.

Thank you both for your huge contribution to YAF.NET.

Thanks to squirrel for really stepping up to support the community!

Project Moved


Official Twitter and Facebook



Languages may be out of date to the latest in english.xml. Now there is a new language file editor in the admin to make localization much simpler.

Support the YAF.NET Project

Please donate to the project: Donate 

Bug/Issue Tracking



DNN Module

tha_watcha is managing the release of the Official YAF DNN module and can be downloaded here: http://dnnyafnet.codeplex.com/ 


If you do want to compile the source, please download Visual Studio 2010 Express .

SRC: Includes the compiled forum and forum page files with full source and binaries. Requires .NET v4 or greater.

BIN: Includes the compiled forum and forum page files without the source. Requires .NET v4 or greater.

Download Link to v1.9.6 RC1 Binary 

  • Jaben
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12 years ago
Planning to update this forum to RC1 tomorrow.
  • Dr-Hack
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12 years ago

Planning to update this forum to RC1 tomorrow.

Originally Posted by: Jaben 

Best of luck with that :)

  • tha_watcha
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12 years ago
YAF-DNN-Module RC 1

DotNetNuke Module Version is online.


  • bbobb
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12 years ago
MySQL data layer source code is available from the repository by a link in my signature. The data layer should be fully upgradable from previous versions.

Beginning with this 1.9.6 RC 1 source code for PostgreSql and YAF is available too.

Keep in mind that the source code is not supported, though I fix bugs and optimize it when I have time.

The data layers are a third-party application from me and are not an official part of YAF.

  • JP
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12 years ago
Great!!! 👍

Will try to update my test site tomorrow.

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever. [Old Chinese Proverb]
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12 years ago

YAF-DNN-Module RC 1

DotNetNuke Module Version is online.


Originally Posted by: tha_watcha 

Flawless Upgrade .. Worked.. testing on the go

  • Jaben
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12 years ago

YAF-DNN-Module RC 1

DotNetNuke Module Version is online.


Originally Posted by: Dr-Hack 

Flawless Upgrade .. Worked.. testing on the go

Originally Posted by: tha_watcha 

That's what we like to hear... great job everyone.

12 years ago
how do you setup the YAF.FacebookAPIKey ?
  • tha_watcha
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12 years ago

how do you setup the YAF.FacebookAPIKey ?

Originally Posted by: midwestSS 

You need Register your website on facebook  then you get your specific keys for your site.

12 years ago
ok now that i got that.. where in the web.config do i put it?
  • tha_watcha
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12 years ago

ok now that i got that.. where in the web.config do i put it?

Originally Posted by: midwestSS 

To the appsettings sections inside the app.config

12 years ago
rgr.. got that in there.. im trying to test if its registering the facebook users

facebook.com/silveradoss.net is the fb page i used or the id

the forum is silveradoss.net if you wanna like, and see?

  • tha_watcha
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  • YAF.NET Project Lead 🤴 YAF Version: 4.0.0 rc 2
12 years ago

rgr.. got that in there.. im trying to test if its registering the facebook users

facebook.com/silveradoss.net is the fb page i used or the id

the forum is silveradoss.net if you wanna like, and see?

Originally Posted by: midwestSS 

You need to create an Application in Facebook, and not creating a Facebook Page


Then you get an App ID/API Key and the App Secret Key

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12 years ago
This zip file is huge and keeps timing out when I try to install it!!! Any advice?
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