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12 years ago
I'm totaly new to YAF but I would like to integrate it with our current website. The website already has an existing registration system for visitors to login, logout edit profile, ... This functionality is based on a custom developed membership and profile provider.

Now I would like to know what the best method would be to integrate this with YAF? Can YAF use my existing database tables and providers or do I have to write some kind of connecting system in between?

I know my question is pretty vague but I can't find a good starting point. I feel the current info and documentation isn't clear on the steps to follow.

Hope someone can help...

12 years ago
So, I just started to implement my own custom membership provider to validate users against an external database. This worked fine but I was also forced to implement a custom role provider to get it to work. Is this the correct way to do it?

But now when I try to change properties on the user's profile (like full name, gender, birthday, ...) nothing is updated in the yaf_prov_Profile table.

After debugging I found out the yaf profile provider tries to fetch the userid using it's own membership infrastructure:

object userID = DB.Current.GetProviderUserKey(this.ApplicationName, username);

which of course fails because these tables are not used by my providers.

Am I doing something wrong here? It's not my intention to also make my own profile provider because the properties yaf is using are ok for me.

Hope someone can point me in the good direction. Please, please, please...

PS: the previous post was also mine.