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13 years ago

first of all - thank you so much for implementing the "go to last unread post" feature! it's a great enhancement for the forum!

just a question - it seems the feature "go to last post" and "go to last unread post" is depending on the last logon time. so when during a session i don't read all new posts and log on later, the new posts, i didnot read during the last session, are marked as "read" although they have not been viewed.

is it planned for future releases to improve that feature, so that the detection of unread posts does not depend on the logon-time solely, but also on a timestamp when a topic was last opened by a user. (e.g. a db table yaf_user_topic which stores the timestamp when a user opened the topic)



13 years ago
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13 years ago

i didn't understand the question.

Originally Posted by: medanum6298 

ok. again:

there are two icon links in list views:

* go to last post - which links to the last post of the topic

* go to last unread post - which links to the first post in the topic which was created since the last logon

the implementation of the "go to last unread post" feature is not quite optimal yet.


so you log out at 9:00 in the morning.

then in 10 threads new posts are created.

at 12:00 you log on again and for those 10 threads you see red icons marking new posts

unfortunately you only have time to read three of those topics and leave the forum.

now it is quiet in the forum and no other posts are done

at 16:00 you log on again

you don't see any threads marked as "new" and all "goto last unread post" lead to the last post.

the ideal solution would be that when you logon at 16:00 you should still see the 7 threads marked as having new content, because you never opened the threads. so when you count on the "new post" "last unread post" functionality you might miss lots of threads and posts.

i hope the difference is clear now.

my question was: is it planned to improve the "new post / last unread post" feature in the way that someone never loses notifications about new content even when the user logs on and off frequently without opening all topics with new content. other forum systems do support that kind of implementation.