YAF Installation/Setup - Question related to installing and setup YAF.
New PostsSystem.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'YAF.Core.YafTaskModule' from assembly 'YAF.Core'.1503
In shared hosting setting on browsing to forum\Install\ get load error msg
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New PostsUpgrade From 2.2.2241,133
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New Postsdbo.yaf_prov_getusernamebyemail1222
Cannot find Stored Procedure
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New PostsHow to Upgrade from YAF.NET v2.3.1.11 to YAF-v2.3.1.1552,721
I am using version YAF.NET v2.3.1.11 and I want to upgrade to the latest version YAF-v2.3.1.15.
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