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AnnouncementNew PostsYAF.NET v3.1.13 (Dated: 03/12/2023)235,314
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AnnouncementNew PostsYAF.NET v3.0.2 (Dated: 01/16/2022)42,719
New Major Releas
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AnnouncementNew PostsYAF.NET Nightlies @ GitHub1838,302
Automatic Nightlies
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New Postsv1.9.6.1 RTW Dated (3/26/2012)2096,845
v1.9.6.1 FINAL
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New Postsv1.9.6 RC1 (Date 1/30/2012)2050,466
Release Candidate 1 YAF.NET v1.9.6
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