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13 years ago

I'm making my own discussion forum - i don't need so powerfull engine like YAF.

I thought that it would be good if I will modeled on YAF.

Everything went ok until now.

I want to make this simply system wchich is setting the icon of the forum/topic depends there are new posts or not.
I added Mession file to my webApp and I'm simply copy the code wchich set the image.

The problem is that when user log out or the session is ened.
The icon of forum/topic is setting to new posts.

I don't why?
Is there something that I miss?

I'm asking because if I install YAF on localhost and did tests I recognized that even I delete all the browser's data, after relogin, the icons are correctly displaying - like the information about visit(session) seems to be store somewhere.

Can anyone explain it to me?
How can I solve this problem?

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