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At this very moment I have 26 Guests on my YAF setup.

This is all IP or

I did a reverse lookup on these two addresses and they are google (I expect caching the site).

Now is there any way for me to create a user (that cannont login) give it a set of IP addresses and have this show up instead of saying 20+ guests are on when they aren't.

If there is not a way of doing this can we have this?

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It can be done, but it's hardcoded. The bots which are missing in a list are displayed as 'guests'. It's up to Jaben. It could be cool to have a separate table for bots like: name - title - source - flags(isallowed - isdisplayed - (harmful, etc.)).
  •  ruek23
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Sounds like a plan..
thanks for the help..
could you point me to where this is coded at the present moment? I would like to have a look at it.


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