probably a silly question, but since I'm new to YAF, it is probably prudent to ask before making a messup:

How do I configure the forum, so that the domain points to *.aspx-page before the forum becomes visible?

What I need is a page "in front" of the forum, which allows the user to enter (via link or button) or leave without seeing the forum. I.e. the user browses to www.mydomain.info  an lands on the *.aspx-page, which allows him to continue on to the forum if he wishes.
On this *.aspx-page, I need to place news, rules, the person responsible for the forum, etc.

Since the urlrewriter is working in the background, I don't want to risk messing up the links that the forum sends when informing users of a new topic, etc.

Is there a simple way to achieve this? Or is serious reconfiguration necessary?

Version of YAF:
1.9.4. RC1 (Date 08.12.2009)

Thanks in advance,
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Read app.config 🙂 YAF.AppRoot etc.

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