• bradwery
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13 years ago
I posted this question in the General forum but it may be more appropriate here.

After upgrading from version 1.9.1 ( I think) to version 1.9.4, I can no longer log into my forum. I used the v191-upgrade-web.config that came with the source. My thought is that there is a problem decrypting the password.

How can I fix this. I looked at the test cases that came with the source. I found the combination of properties that decrypt it all right (e.g. MD5, useSalt=False, useCase="None" etc.)

What else can I do?

  • JBeasley
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13 years ago
I'm in the same boat - went over the previous thread - checked the upgrade config - made sure the whole provider section matched. If anyone has had any luck with this - please share.

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