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14 years ago
Am passing the userid and password through a query string and would like to login automatically into the forum. Can someone tell me how can I call the "ValidateUser" in page load of login.ascx without having to click on the button to login.

  • yeppers
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14 years ago
This would be a nice feature
  • bbobb
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14 years ago
Yeah, for bots :cheesy:
  • Jaben
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14 years ago
Agree with bbobb. If you need to login programmically, you can use the ASP.NET membership system.
  • vng127
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14 years ago
I disagree(but please correct me if I am wrong). I already have an existing website that contains a login page (with NO asp.net membership mechanism). In my case, it would be nice to have this functionality. Any other suggestion?
12 years ago
Hi,I have similar problem, anyone can help me ?
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