• midwestSS
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14 years ago
no active topics link in the toolbar????

  • Kamyar
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14 years ago
It's now located in "My Topics" Page. Along with "Favorite Topics".
If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0
14 years ago
I'm fine with Active Topics becoming "My Topics" but does it now work differently? I haven't downloaded the source for a few weeks, but have noticed here that there is no longer the ability to view all posts since last visit or by date range. I hope this isn't going away. It was working perfectly in previous 1.9.4 builds, where the selection range was persisting rather than having to be reset on each "Active Topics" page load.

I love the Active Topics feature. Any inside word is much appreciated.


Update: Oh, never mind. I see it under the "My Topics" - "Active Topics" tab. Don't know how I wasn't seeing it! Splendid. Looking forward to the next release! Thanks for the great work guys.
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