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14 years ago
Apologies up front if this is already on-site somewhere. Multiple searches have turned up nothing.

I know next to nothing about DotNetNuke. Just installed my first DNN site last week. It's a little restrictive, but an impressive framework which will be great for my non-techie administrator.

My question is regarding YAF integration with DNN. The included forum module is rather lacking by comparison. Am I correct that I need to install YAF 1.9.3 as a stand alone install and then "add" the DNN modifications/module which will cause the stand alone install to be integrated into the DNN site?

Also, in the DNN instructions.txt, it refers to the "PA" in a couple of places. What is the PA?

14 years ago
You do not need to install YAF as stand alone. The module includes all of the YAF files which are identical to a stand alone.
PA stands for Private Assembly. Older versions of DNN used to call modules (which are now called extensions) this.

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