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19 years ago

Actually I'm having similar issues.  I upgraded from 0.9.6 and the avatars that were already uploaded don't show.  Just get the broken image place holder.  You can see for yourself at http://boisefragfest.com then click on the forums tab on the left side.  I can dig into the code myself, but if you had an easier solution, that would be preferable.

I've fixed many bugs in the Rainbow installation, so I may be of help to you guys if you need it.

Update:  I tried uploading a new avatar and that doesn't work either.  Urls in the messages work fine though.  A remote avatar doesn't work either.  Comes back with a link like this:


Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

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19 years ago

I was wondering if there is anybody who has avatar trouble with version 0.9.9, because i downloaded the latest version and still have problems 😞 . The problems only occur when i choose avatars from my own collection (personally uploaded avatars work just fine). So i was wondering if this is a bug and thus should be reported or it's a different problem

17 years ago
Not sure if anyone is still having this problem, but I was.

I ended up removing the httpencoding line from the images.cs file. Works fine now.
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12 years ago
I am using version 1.9.5 and I see the same issue - The avatar images show up fine on one server and not on the other. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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