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13 years ago

I've just downloaded YAF for integration into the Umbraco CMS.

I'm slightly concerned with some of the features regarding banning/suspending and spam. And have a few questions that I couldn't find answers to on this forum.

1. Is it possible to allow moderators to ban people.

2. How can you find the IP of a user in the forum or how can I ban them easily? - I looked around and had no luck at finding an accessible solution? Which seems very odd.

3. Linked to the above question: Can you delete all posts from a particular user? I don't want to have to use as the moderators will not be tech people

4. As for suspending users - does this revoke their access to the forums completely or does it depend on the option to allow guests to read the forum?

5. I find it very odd that a user can report spam and that all the moderator can do is delete that particular post - not address the user themself.. am I missing something?

I may have more questions. I'm sorry if these have been answered before but I couldn't find answers and I couldn't find a solution myself when looking at the YAF back end.I feel like some core important functionality is missing.

Kind Regards and thanks in advance for any replies.


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13 years ago
1) No, just suspend.
2) Its listed on their post bottom right need Report Abusive/ Report Spam.
3) Not at present. Though thats a worthy addition.
4) Nope; suspension will not prevent a user just looking at the forum if they log off, and then under guest.
5) They have suspend to stop for example a spammer. Permanent banning should be in the hands of an admin imo. Though feel free to disagree.


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