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14 years ago
With the help of a friend here, I have finally found out how to compile the yaf project. To him I say thanks.

I am using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition to compile. I am also using version (NET v2.0). When I load the project, it asks to update from an earlier version and convert. So I assume yaf was complied using the 2005 version.

It will convert and build successfully. However when I put just one dll file on my site, it crashes the site. An example: the yaf.dll needs to be updated for the youtube button in the yafediter. When I modify the other required files I have no problem. When I replace the yaf.dll, it crashes.

Are files in version 2005 compatible with files in version 2008?

I cannot get Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition from Microsoft anymore so I could not test it. Does anyone have the install download file for 2005?


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