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13 years ago
I added the header bar, which includes: Inbox | Search | Admin | Moderate | Active Topics | My Profile | Members | Logout, to the forum footer. This makes navigation easier when you have a long list of posts.

You an see it here at my Forum: Clan Rampancy Forum 

I've attached the page I changed, footer.cs, which is located in the YAF.Controls project and also the compiled YAF.Controls.dll

This compiled dll is for version 1.9.3 FINAL .NET 3.5


Make sure you make a copy of you YAF.Controls.dll before replacing it.

Then replace the YAF.Controls.dll in your forums BIN folder with the one here.

More advanced users can replace the footer.cs file in the YAF.Controls project and recompile there own YAF.Controls.dll

Hope you like it.
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13 years ago
Looks nifty. I'll give it a shot when I get home.

EDIT: Works like a charm. Great job.
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13 years ago
Error: Resource has been moved or is unavailable. Please contact the forum admin.

I'd like to try it, please upload it again :wink:
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13 years ago
It works now, but not for my version.
How can I compile the files for version 1.9.3 FINAL .NET 2.0?

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