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14 years ago

since yaf has excellent support for the telerik rad editor  ít may be interesting to integrate spell checking.

Here are the steps to implement this to yaf (using rad editor).
I assume that rad editor is already running (telerik.web.ui.dll is in place)

1.) Modify web.config
--in the section add the following line

--for IIS 7 add the following line in the section

2.) Provide the folder for the dictionaries
--a.) create a directory under the forums root called App_Data
--b.) in App_Data create a directory RadSpell

3.) Copy the dictionaries to the new folder App_Data/RadSpell
--these are the TDF-files shipped with the rad controls
---de-DE.tdf, en-EN.tdf, fr-FR.tdf

4.) change the toolsFile.xml in forums_root/editors/radEditor
--the last lines look like this:

--change it to

5.) OPTIONAL if you want to enable "custom dictionaries" (add to dictionary menu item at spell check) do the following
--grant the web application full access to App_Data/RadSpell (the same you did for the upload directory)
--think a lot about this (especially at public forums) since this means that everyone can set misspelled words to "correct words" (no longer found with spellcheck)


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