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13 years ago

you did a real good job - gratulations.

I currently move some forum from C... to yaf.

After some issues with installation (write access to app.config was not documented).

My first test brought me to 4 things I dislike (a little bit).

I can set "Enable Email" so every post has an "Email button" which allows a user to send an email to the poster.

A nice thing - from my experiences I know that some people like such a feature.

BUT - this is a very personal thing - so my first whis:

Please make this setting available in the user profile (keeping the general setting is OK - I mean this additional).

The next thing is also about the user profile: It would be great to have a setting for "default email notfication on/off".

So when a user answers / starts a thread he always has this setting as default.

And the third thing is about "subscription" - it would be great if you could show (some icon) if the current user has subscribed to the current thread.

Otherwhise you allways have to open "Options" to check the status.

Last not least - Report (abuse / spam) should be (configurable) restricted to registered users.




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13 years ago
Yeah the install really needs documenting properly, and I agree with the four points you raised, and will see if we can get them sorted in another release.





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