• AsULikeIt
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13 years ago
Can we have a Ticker on the main page for displaying the b'day of the users....

and when clicked on the user it takes to the Private message with the preformated birthday wishes....

Just a thought.... Can increase the hits to the forums...



  • RichP714
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12 years ago
THis is something i've been hoping for too; perhaps in the 'statistics' are of the forum, to display people's birthday on that date

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  • bbobb
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12 years ago
This problem was alredy discussed. Use search. Due to some .NET Framework unimplemented things(despite specs) to make it without performance downgrade or some painful code changes is impossible.
  • Jaben
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12 years ago
The problem is .NET profiles don't allow any sort of searching. But it could be done as a background task once a day, I guess.