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14 years ago

I am trying to use YAF version 1.9.3 ASP.NET 2.0. When I select a Lithuanian language in Admin > Board Settings, save new settings and navigate to the main page of a forum, an error is shown
"There has been a serious error loading the forum..."

In the Event Viewer I get a warning
"Event code: 3005
Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred. "
Do you want a whole text of the warning in the Event Viewer? It is very long.

I recover from this by changing value in database table [dbo].[yaf_Registry] from "lithuanian.xml" to "english.xml" and restarting my computer. I am trying YAF on local IIS Windows XP.

I want to ask is everything ok with the file "\languages\lithuanian.xml" in YAF 1.9.3 ? Is XML structure correct? When I open english.xml and lithuanian.xml in a notepad, the files look different from the first look.

And as a Lithuanian I can tell you that translation in lithuianian.xml is very bad. At some points it is so wrong that I guess it is translated by software and not by a human.

But if YAF will work with current Lithuanian translation, it is still less work to correct the translation errors, than translate a whole english.xml.

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