1. When I try to register a new user and after I pressed `Create User` password fields just become empty and no message is shown to me.
It should show to user some error description.
You can see it here 

2. The forum registration(membership provider?) requires that password should contain punctuation and numbers.
Also there are no messages to user about this during registration.
Is admin able to manage user password complexity?

For #2 you can define it in the web.config

Look for the <membership /> section, inside that you'll see an <add /> section that defines the connectionStringName, applicationName, etc.

Add the following tags to that:

minRequiredPasswordLength="4" minRequiredNumericCharacters="0" minRequiredNonAlphanumericCharacters="0"

This would change it from the default behavior to a minimum length of 4 characters with no requirements for numeric or nonalpha characters.

Change that to suit your purposes, of course.
Thanks, it works.

And what about pop-ups?
Need to say that actually pop-ups worked for some time on the latest FireFox and never on IE6, then they have disappeared even from FF.
On our standard install, when registering if your password is too weak you get the message "Please pick a more complex password that includes punctuation (!?) or numbers.". Our users are taking this to read you have a choice of special characters or numbers but if you give a password with letters and numbers it wont take it.

Should this message be changed, or better still depending on the tags mentioned should the message inform the user of min password length & nonalphanumeric characters required.
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