We have been waiting for quite some time to switch hoping to jump right to the next build... Couldn't wait anymore. We finally made the jump today to the latest stable.

VistaDB .Net Database Forums 

VistaDB is a 100% managed database written in C#. It lets you xcopy deploy your databases, and is highly compatible with SQL Server TSQL syntax. We even support TSQL Procs.

I have tried for a while to get YAF to run with VistaDB... No can do, not yet anyway. I will wait until the next stable release on the new code and then try again with our internal builds.

We did get all of our existing phpBB data over into YAF. It was not easy. We started with some of the SQL scripts here in the forums, but ended up with a lot of modifications to get them to work. And then we still had to write an external util to update all the attachments to work. We are still having some issues with code that is encoded as well. Overall though I think the transition was about what I expected, painful, but not too painful.

Thanks for the great forum system, I look forward to being able to run it on VistaDB one day.

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Great job on the conversion, anything you can contribute for others doing the phpbb conversion would be greatly appreciated by the community I'm sure.

The 1.93 final hopefully will be a bit easy for you to convert as we've moved as much as we can into the DB class to help with MySQL data layer compatibility.
YAF 2.0 will most likely be LINQ.


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Mike has posted a forum topic with attachments on our phpbb migration to YAF.

Migrate phpbb 3 to YAF 

We started with scripts from the forums here and modified them for the current phpbb 3 and yaf stable.

I think the total man hours was around 12 hours. Not too bad considering we have 9,000+ posts in our forums and just flat out could not afford to lose that data in a migration.

I think one of the very cool things we did was to update the url rewriter with the ability to remap our php links in places like Google to automatically load the correct post in YAF. The message id's all transfered over as the same ID, so it was pretty easy to do. We added a 301 redirect to the script so search engines will know the redirect is permanent.

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