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14 years ago
Hey guys. When I try to go install YAF, I get a 500 internal server error on the first step, right when I go onto the page for the first time. I tried turning off customErrors but for some reason it doesn't make a difference, shouldn't an ASP.NET error page come up when customErrors is turned off?

I have GoDaddy hosting and I did all the proper steps to set it all up. I made sure I created a virtual directory for the forum, I made sure root/upload has writing access, and I set the DB info which I'm pretty sure the connectionString is correct.

Do you have any idea whats could be wrong???

Thanks for any help!

- Chris J.

14 years ago
As the error itself says this is internal server error. It is not a client-side problem. It is up to the operators of your Web server site to locate and analyze the logs which should give further information about the error.
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