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CuteEditor 6.3:

it's 14.5MB Zip file i couldn't Attache it .zip. it said too big file.

Anyway :

if you Want To Download it Click Here  

it's Very easy to integrate with .net.

Cute Editor for ASP.NET is the most powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) browser-based Online HTML Editor for ASP.NET.

I added the Name of the editor in [color=red]ForumEditor.cs

I Followed this steps to Integrate CuteEditor with YetAnotherForum

1. Put all dll file into the bin folder of My website.

2. Put CuteSoft_Client CuteEditor folder to the YetAnotherForum Folder.

3. Open file 'ForumEditor.cs' of My site Add The CuteEditor Class And Change Some Values:

you have to add some code to the ForumEditor.cs file :

🅱  public enum EditorType
   etText = 0,
   etBBCode = 1,
   etFCKv2 = 2,
   etFreeTextBox = 3,
   etFCKv1 = 4,
   etBasicBBCode = 5,
   etFreeTextBoxv3 = 6,
  public static string [] EditorTypeText =
            "Text Editor",
            "BBCode Editor",
            "FCK Editor v2 (HTML)",
            "FreeTextBox v2 (HTML)",
            "FCK Editor v1.6 (HTML)",
            "Basic BBCode Editor",
            "FreeTextBox v3 (HTML)",
            "CuteEditor v6.3 (HTML)"

  'public static int EditorCount = 7;' change to 8

public static int EditorCount = 8;' 
public static ForumEditor CreateEditorFromType( EditorType etValue )
   switch ( etValue )
    case EditorType.etText: return new TextEditor();
    case EditorType.etBBCode: return new BBCodeEditor();
    case EditorType.etFCKv2: return new FCKEditorV2();
    case EditorType.etFreeTextBox: return new FreeTextBoxEditor();
    case EditorType.etFCKv1: return new FCKEditorV1();
    case EditorType.etBasicBBCode: return new BasicBBCodeEditor();
    case EditorType.etFreeTextBoxv3: return new FreeTextBoxEditorv3();
    case EditorType.cuteEditor: return new CuteEditor1();
   return null;
   public class CuteEditor1 : RichClassEditor, INamingContainer

            CuteEditor.Editor _editor = new CuteEditor.Editor();

            public CuteEditor1()
                _editor.ID = "CE";

            public override string Text
                    return _editor.Text;
                    _editor.Text = value;


4.Build the solution.

5.Build Succeded.

CuteEditor: v6.3 Working Fine With YAF

that is all.

How can cuteeditor be implemented with 1.9.4? there is no ForumEditor.cs

Running YAF final at: 

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