13 years ago
Hey guys - good stuff with the forum, it's nice to see an open source ASP.net app. We've recently upgraded to 1.9.3 R2 from 1.9.0 and it's alot faster and nicer, but we've run into a bit of a problem:

After running for a few minutes the forum app stops processing requests entirely. Any attempt to access it results in the page sitting loading indefinitely, behaving as if the request is sitting in the IIS request queue without being processed. Recycling the app pool starts it up again (obviously as does restarting IIS), but setting the pool to recycle every minute as a dodgy work-around didn't help.

I have this occurring on two separate servers with next to no load on them, and I'm very short on ideas as to what might be causing it. I've given them separate application pools (any other sites running in the same pool when this happens are affected in the same way).

Our SMTP settings are set, though our mail server might need looking at as they aren't currently being delivered. There aren't any errors in the logs relating to them in any case. There are about 100 messages waiting in the yaf_Mail table, if this could be the cause is it safe to delete them?

I'd disable mail entirely but the Admin->Host Settings->SMTP tab doesn't seem to be present in this version, and I can't locate a global 'off' switch for it anywhere. If I'm missing something please let me know.

So.. any suggestions/thoughts would be much appreciated. Cheers!


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13 years ago
Before I got to your last paragraph, I was thinking smtp settings. Seems to be the bane of the forums life.. if incorrect the results are nasty. Seriously I would start looking at those smtp settings.


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13 years ago
Thanks for the reply Mek, seems like you're correct - after commenting out the guts of SendMail.cs they've been running fine. Not the most elegant solution but it will do until I can take a look at getting the SMTP settings right 🙂