15 years ago
I have successfully integrated the forum into an existing 3.5 site with a master page setup..

The forum is in its own folder one level off the root...

I am using urlrewriting...and I have to keep the yaf rewriting off or the avatars wont work.. (but that is another story)

My trouble lies in when you reply to a post...and the iframe that displays the last 10 posts comes up...

It is displaying the posts inside the content area of the master page... :(

Any ideas on how to correct this?

Here is a screen shot:



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15 years ago
My first guess is your problem is Safari ... worst browser ever :)

I wish I had something more helpful but I haven't seen that one before.

It's as if the preview controls are loading the masterpage when they shouldn't. You only set your own masterpage for the single aspx file that contains the forum control, correct?

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15 years ago
firefox is what i used in the screenshot, but it happens in all browsers. I work on a mac.

No, the only page in the forum folder that is set for the master page is the default.aspx

I have been wrestling with the url rewriter. That might be the cause of it.

I had to rewrite the resource.ashx on the top of the list in order to get the icons to display.

 <rewrite url="~/forum/resource.ashx(.*)" to="~/forum/resource.ashx$1" processing="stop"/>

  <rewrite url="^(/.+(\.gif|\.png|\.jpg|\.ico|\.pdf|\.css|\.js)(\?.+)?)$" to="$1" processing="stop"/>

  <rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+?)?yaf_login?\.aspx\?returnurl\=(.+)$" to="~/login/Default.aspx?ReturnURL=$2" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+?)?yaf_info?\.aspx\?i=([0-9]+?)&amp;url\=(.+)$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=info&amp;i=$2&amp;url=$3" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_topics([0-9]+)p([0-9]+)(_([-a-z0-9]+))?\.aspx(\?(.+))?$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=topics&amp;f=$2&amp;p=$3&amp;$7" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_topics([0-9]+)(_([-a-z0-9]+))?\.aspx(\?(.+))?$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=topics&amp;f=$2&amp;$6" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_forum([0-9]+)(_([-a-z0-9]+))?\.aspx(\?(.+))?$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=forum&amp;c=$2&amp;$6" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_postst([0-9]+)p([0-9]+)(_([-a-z0-9]+))?\.aspx(\?(.+))?$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=posts&amp;t=$2&amp;p=$3&amp;$7" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_postst([0-9]+)(_([-a-z0-9]+))?\.aspx(\?(.+))?$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=posts&amp;t=$2&amp;$6" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_postsm([0-9]+)(_([-a-z0-9]+))?\.aspx(\?(.+))?$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=posts&amp;m=$2&amp;$6" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_profile([0-9]+)(_([-a-z0-9]+))?\.aspx(\?(.+))?$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=profile&amp;u=$2&amp;$6" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_([-0-9a-z_]+?)\.aspx\?(.+)?$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=$2&amp;$3" processing="stop" />
	<rewrite url="^~/forum/(.+)?yaf_([-0-9a-z_]+?)\.aspx$" to="~/forum/$1Default.aspx?g=$2" processing="stop" />
  <rewrite url="^~/forum/(.*)" to="~/forum/Default.aspx" processing="stop" />
  <rewrite url="~/framehelper.aspx(.*)" to="~/framehelper.aspx$1" processing="stop" />

not sure about the rewrite its new to me.
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15 years ago
Don't add a masterpage to the framehelper.aspx page.
15 years ago
<%@ Page Language="C#" %>

<script runat="server">
public void Page_Error(object sender,System.EventArgs e)
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> 
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<head id="YafHead" runat="server">	
	<title>This title is overwritten</title>
	<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="600" />
<form runat="server" enctype="multipart/form-data" id="Form1">
	<YAF:forum runat="server" ID="Forum1"/>

There are the complete contents of the page... I never changed anyting there...

The only page I set as having a master page is the default.aspx in the root of the forum folder.
15 years ago
urlrewriter... that was the cause of the problem..

creating the line for the framehelper and moving it from its forum root to the root itself, solved it.

<rewrite url="~/forum/framehelper.aspx(.*)" to="~/framehelper.aspx$1" processing="stop" />

Now if I could just figure out how to rewrite the "choose an avatar".... I would have everything working with yaf rewriting in effect.

If I keep yaf rewriting on, when I go to choose an avatar, I get an error because the system cant find the resource... I have tried rewriting it as follows: to no avail.

 <rewrite url="~/forum/yaf_cp_editavatar.aspx?av=(.*)" to="~/forum/default.aspx?g=cp_editavatar&amp;av=$1" processing="stop" />

So I ended up removing the option of choosing an avatar from my system and force the user to enter a url or upload their own..

This way I can turn the urlrewriting on for yaf and my pages are completely seo compliant.
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