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14 years ago
Want help to modify Footer of YAF
I'll Just Keep ( Powered by YAF ) with Link .
or Something Like YetAnotherForum.NET Copyright © 2007 Jaben Cargman.

I want Anybody to Help me in this or Mr Jaben Cargman .

Here What i have Done:
i have YAF 1.9.3-SRC

I changed in YAF.Controls Project in Footer.cs
I Rebuild The YAF.Controls Project As Release .
I Took The YAF.Controls.dll and Put it Into YetAnotherfourm.Net\Bin Folder
I Rebuild The YetAnotherfourm.Net Fourm .

But It Doesn't Work it gave me Wrong Message.And The Fourm Doesn't Work

So Please Tell Me if I'am wrong
And What are The Right Steps I have To Do .
are they Any Other Projects Should I Change.

I'am Waiting Reply From Jaben Cargman


Please Anybody


  • Jaben
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14 years ago
That's correct. Not sure why that's not working for you...
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