15 years ago

This is a general question on how to approach a issue I am having with integrating this forum with another website.

I have a website, which is not a sharepoint site or portal in anyway and I want to integrate this forum into the site and have a single sign on.

After going through the code in yetanotherforum i saw that there is a function called IsCustom in Config.cs.

static public bool IsCustom
				return ( configSection ["CustomUserClass"] != null && configSection["CustomUserAssembly"] != null );

Im not sure the purpose of this function, but it seems to use the config file to find the name of a class / assembly so that later it can use reflection to create a instance of this class. Is the purpose of this to use a custom users class to integrating with other sites? If not, what is the best way to approach integration without tearing apart yetanotherforum and keeping its database separate?

I do not wish to do this in a half fast way, I would rather do it the right way even if it envolves coding alot.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Brandon Rohrer

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15 years ago
I'm not familiar with the IsCustom property, but what is the issue you're having? What's your goal? I incorporated YAF with my custom app like this:
www.bunkerhollow.com  | www.careercomputing.com 
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