15 years ago
I think I understand that in order to use YAF with an existing membership database (single login) you need to use a class proxy (I'm not a programmer so I may not be using the correct term). This is well beyond my ability and experience so I'm wondering what else is possible:

1) Member information is currently is stored in SQL Server table as part of a legacy ASP membership system.
2) My client is hoping that her members need not register independently with YAF and use the credentials from the membership system.

Any know of an independent developer who we might hire to make this work?

Thanks very much for your feedback.


15 years ago

YAF 1.9.3 supports ASPNET Membership, which it sounds like what you're using. Is your YAF site installed yet?

Yes, this sounds doable. It's a matter of configuring the web.config (in 1.9.3) to use your existing database. I'm an Independent and have done this before, though I'd need to find a window to make this happen for you. Feel free to ping me offline if you want to discuss further.

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