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15 years ago
Ok I am probably out of my league with all of this, as I know very little about code, and the only site I've Published was WYSIWYG,but I'd like to try and work on YAF, sort of in a Test environment.
Is it Possible to install YAF in MS Sql on my computer (not on the server) and practice with it in my own environment, publish to desktop and view it? Etc.

Thanks in advance for the help.

15 years ago

Not only possible...what most people here do!

You will need...

Microsoft Visual Studio Express (or a full blown edition (FBE) )
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express (or FBE or 2008)
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

...all free...all on the M$ site!....also...

YAF 1.9.3 RC2 SRC

...and about 1 GB of free space....in total

If you want to test hosting from your machine, you will need to install IIS for your OS.



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15 years ago
Ok Thanks for the tip,
I have MS Visual Basic 2008 Express, is that the same as Visual Studio? Probably not.
As mentioned I am probabaly in over my head but I figured what the heck, ( I still trying to fiqure out HTML, ASP, SQL and all that other stuff) Hey at least I spelled them right!

I'll try and learn and see where it goes.
I am running windows XP through Parallels on an Apple iMAC, So for everything on the windows side seems to work pretty smoothly.
Thanks Again.
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