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14 years ago
After getting my forum up and running, I have found that the Emails

are not being sent by users.

Admin Mail works

Admin email to user works

Admin email topic works

Admin email from user profile works

No Email from user works

cannot email topic or email from profile

watch topic sends an Email, the first new post but not after

any more new posts.

I also tried sending myself an email from this forum and it also failed to send.

If you have all the email system working Any help would be great.

Seems like emails are on 2 different systems. Admin and User??

Thanks for any help


  • xb90
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14 years ago
I'm seeing the same problem with users unable to send email.

YAF: 1.9.3 RC2

Hosting by Godaddy

I believe (in my case) this is related to some previous postings wrt problems with GoDaddy email.

I haven't got a user email to work yet, but I suspect that the FROM address specified in the site-generated email is the user's email address (that would make sense).

If the FROM email entry happens to be on AOL, GMAIL, or YAHOO, then GoDaddy will block it.

The related entry in Yaf_Eventlog table is:

System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Mailbox name not allowed. The server response was: sorry, your mail was administratively denied. (#5.7.1) at System.Net.Mail.MailCommand.CheckResponse(SmtpStatusCode statusCode, String response) at System.Net.Mail.MailCommand.Send(SmtpConnection conn, Byte[] command, String from) at System.Net.Mail.SmtpTransport.SendMail(MailAddress sender, MailAddressCollection recipients, String deliveryNotify, SmtpFailedRecipientException& exception) at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message) at YAF.Classes.Utils.SendMail.Send(MailAddress fromAddress, MailAddress toAddress, String subject, String bodyText, String bodyHtml) at YAF.Classes.Utils.SendMail.Send(MailAddress fromAddress, MailAddress toAddress, String subject, String bodyText) at YAF.Pages.im_email.Send_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in d:\hosting\3172706\html\pages\im_email.ascx.cs:line 86

This error is consistent with what GoDaddy has communicated to earlier this week regarding blocking \emails where the above listed domains are specified in the FROM address.

As a possible solution, could YAF be configured to use an alternative FROM address when a user attempt to send an email to another user? Possibly a "DoNotReply@sitename.whatever" with a "mailto" link embedded in the message which contains the sending user's email address?

  • idunno
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14 years ago
Good luck fixing your user email issue !

I just tried to send you email through this forum, and it gave me an error.

  • vash
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14 years ago
Im having the same problem with email sending.

1. Email for new registration stopped working

2. Email notification for new post stopped working

3. Admin Page email user is working

Im using YAF v1.9.3.Alpha

Before, everything is working fine. It suddenly stopped working on it's own. Any insight will be of great help.

P.S. I've also checked the YAF_mail table for malformed emails but all emails there are in the proper format.