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15 years ago
We use this as a discussion forum as part of our Intranet.
We try to have as much single sign on as possible.
As of today I can not see any other options than to manually register the users.
Is there any feature that lets you read from Active Directory and import all users? (initials/username/password)
Then all employees would automatically have access to the forum. They would have to update the profile after they log in first time.

Any solutions for this?


15 years ago

I had the same issue, my company wanted to have forums on the intranet and intergrate with AD. Our goal like yours is a single sign on for applications with identity tied to their AD (Windows) account. I customized the login process so users agree to some basic T&C's on the rules page and then I modified the registration process to create an account in the database that used a hash of their AD info. With our requirements I have look down the user profile so they can not modify their settings and their avatar pulls in their photo from our staff directory app. In essence they are always logged in. If this is what you're after I am more than happy to email you some notes and an extract of my code if you think it might help.

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