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15 years ago
I am newbie to asp.net and hence i am having a lot problems on customizing forum.
So i want to have two different forums on the same website but under different subdomains. How can duplicate same forum on my website and change its directory,say forums.aspx instead of default.aspx. I saw similar question somewhere else but answers were not that easy to follow. So could anyone please show how to duplicate the forum including database strings,if its necessary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

15 years ago
First off....why 2 forums? Why not 2 boards in one forum?

Simplest way to do this is to create a second virtual directory for the new forum (2nd). You'll need server access to do this, but should work just fine!

So..call one www.mydomain.com/forum1 and the other www.mydomain.com/forum2. As long as both are virtuals, both with own process control, you should have no problem.


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