Well, I made an upgrade of my forum, on a GoDaddy server.

The first problem was the language files. I readed all the topics here, and then can correct this. First I copy the contents of the english to portuguese. Then a error that say the "ptbr.xml" don't exist. A look at the table yaf_registry show the field "language" with "ptbr.xml" value. I changed that and no more error.

But, this is a weird problem that I cannot find a solution.

For only one time the main page loads until to show the logo of the forum, then the connection is canceled.

I checked all the occurences of the smtp server. All of then have the value "relay-hosting.secureserver.net".

But the forum don't load. First time the install/default.aspx has loaded and make the upgrade in database. Now this page load sometimes, but in most cases the connection is cancelled.

http://www.papermodelingworld.com/error.aspx  this pages loads, all the time :cheesy: So, it's not a problem of the server. I have another 5 ASP.NET applications running fine on it, only the YAF have error.

I checked the yaf_EventLog table. When the problem is with the language file, all the occurences is registered here, but now no one occurence.

But the table yaf_ActiveContents is updated every time that someone try to access the forum.

So, it is start to process the page and load it, but, in some part, it cancel the connection. No error message is displayed. So, I don't know exactly when the connection is cancelled.

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