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Just for design pleasure, but also because it is very convenient.

Maybe it could also be good to add it in this forum Jaben.

The idea is just to have a little icon of your choice that appears left of the address bar and when you develop your navigation bar.
This way the user can easily recognize your adress and click it. This does not work with Internet Explorer which puts its own icon everywhere...

In your main page, just add the following code into the <head>:

<link rel="icon" type="image/jpg" href="images/SM_javicon.jpg">

Your image can have another format that .jpg, but I know that not all work: if you have a .gif, change type to "image/gif".
Your image must be 16x16 or 32x32 pixels.
In my example the name of my icon is 'SM_favicon', and I put it within the YAF images folder.
Nico attached the following image(s):
That's fine, but if you want it to work with other browsers, the icon must be in ico format.
I think that the problem lays with the fact that yaf logo looks awful in 16x16 😞
... But trust me on the sunscreen!

test2005 wrote:

There not bugs(in YAF)'s either un-defined features or exceptions to expected behavior!!

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No problem. Just put the green smiley head of your YAFMVP for example. The more important is not to be able to read what is on the icon, but to have something easily recognizable in the navigation bar so you don't need to think.

You are right for 'ico' format.

Nico attached the following image(s):

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