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14 years ago
Greetings everyone,

We have integrated YAF into our existing website. It worked really slick! The last piece we need to figure out is how to remove the login/logout link in the forum header. Our website (www.mxpreview.com ) is handling forum login by creating the YAF cookie when the user logs into our site. We'd like to handle authentication through our site. Is there any way to just remove the Login & Logout links from the forum header?

Thanks in advance,



  • Nico
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14 years ago
Hi Wauna,

If you just want the 'Login' or 'Logout' (maybe also 'Register') tags to disappear from the forum header, you have to enter the source code.

The forum header is already compiled in 'YAF.Controls.dll' that you have in your 'bin' directory. The only solution to change it is to modify the code and build a new .dll.

You need to have Visual Studio to be able to do that (a version adapted to your YAF version).

You so have to:

- download the 'SRC' (source code) version of your YAF, if you just have the 'BIN'.

- open then 'YAF.Controls/Header.cs'.

- delete or modify the lines concerning LOGIN and REGISTER so that they don't appear (maybe some 'hidden' value somewhere could be enough?)

- Then you have to build a new solution (new .dll(s)) thanks to Visual Studio and then put them into your 'bin' folder.

I haven't done it myself and maybe there are some following consequences to test, but I think that there is the way.

Good luck. Tell me if you have a problem.:)

13 years ago
i am using YAF-v1.9.1.8-FINAL-SRC , i dont see any controls.dll and i cannot find the register , or login in the hearder.cs can anyone help me in removing them..
  • logan
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13 years ago
Look in pages/Forumpages.cs

  • vnuk
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12 years ago
Version v1.9.4-BETA3 has a setting that goes into app.config