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How can I change the font of the forum titles?

Thanks in advance...
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If what you call 'Forum titles' corresponds for example to 'YAF Forum Discussions', 'YAF Forum Development'...and so on in '', here is the way to do it:

You have 2 solutions:

The code to create these forums is within 'pages/forum.ascx' file.
<td class="header2" align="left" colspan="<%# (PageContext.BoardSettings.ShowModeratorList ? "6" : "5" ) %>">

The class is 'header2'.

You so have the choice between:

1- Modify the code directly here (in 'pages/forum.ascx'), and so only these Forum titles will be modified.

2- Modify the whole 'header2' class to affect all elements of the same style.
For this (imagine that you currently work with the 'YAF Pro' theme), open 'themes/yafpro/theme.css', and modify the elements you want in regard of 'header2'.

If it is not what you are looking for or that it doesn't work, tell me:)

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