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Hey all,

I am very new to website design, css, html and running a forum so bear with me. Currently I am using godaddy.com for hosting of the website and YAF. I have seen on other websites where there is a section that lists the current or "most recent" forum topics. I am assuming that this is xhtml or javascript that is pulling it from the forums and loading it to the website or another program that I haven't been introduced to yet.

I have been searching through the forums here for anything that might clue me in on how to do this, but I fear with my limited vocabulary on the subject that I might be missing it altogether. Is there something in place currently to do this with YAF? Is there a post on this already in here that you could direct me to or even another website you could point me to on how to do this, it would be greatly appriciated.

Devs... just wanted to let you know that the instal on the forums through godaddy.com was uneventful and easy to follow along with. So far everything has been working great and simple to set up. Thanks for the hard work and time invested in this project.