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15 years ago
I haven't downloaded YAF yet so sorry if this is an obvious question, but is it possible to change themes programmatically like you can with normal asp.net themes?

Are YAF themes and ASP.net themes one and the same? (Just a collection of css, skin files and images in the App_Themes directory)

If so, when I change my page.theme in my main web app, I can do the same in the YAF?

Slightly related, is it also possible for me to have only certain forums displayed for a theme?

So for example If I run a "blue" theme for certain users on my site, when they access the forum, they get the same "blue" theme there PLUS they only see the "blue" forum, whereas users who are set to use the "red" theme get the "red" forum with the "red" theme?

Is all this possible and if so, how easy is it to implement (configuration files?). I have strong .net skills but would rather leave the source alone if possible.



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