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14 years ago
I'm a warcraft player, and my forum is specifically for that. I wanted a way to make the default class colors easy to tag in a post, so i added some bbcodes for them. These work ok, by what i really wanted to do is have some bbcode that does not have [] around it so it would just replace the words automatically with the colored html. the problem is, it throws a typeinitializer exception every time i try to make a bbcode without []. My guess is that there is a good reason for that, however i dont know what it is.

Is there any way to get it to work without the []? Here is the code that i have sofar. It works, but has the [] in it.

~line 70 just before r_bullet

        static private Regex r_Druid = new Regex(@"\[druid]", m_options);
        static private Regex r_Hunter = new Regex(@"\[hunter]", m_options);
        static private Regex r_Mage = new Regex(@"\[mage]", m_options);
        static private Regex r_Paladin = new Regex(@"\[paladin]", m_options);
        static private Regex r_Priest = new Regex(@"\[priest]", m_options);
        static private Regex r_Rogue = new Regex(@"\[rogue]", m_options);
        static private Regex r_Shaman = new Regex(@"\[shaman]", m_options);
        static private Regex r_Warlock = new Regex(@"\[warlock]", m_options);
        static private Regex r_Warrior = new Regex(@"\[warrior]", m_options);

~line 170 just before "// bullet":

                // class colors
                bbcode = r_Druid.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#FF7D0A\">Druid</span>");
                bbcode = r_Hunter.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#ABD473\">Hunter</span>");
                bbcode = r_Mage.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#69CCF0\">Mage</span>");
                bbcode = r_Paladin.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#F58CBA\">Paladin</span>");
                bbcode = r_Priest.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#FFFFFF\">Priest</span>");
                bbcode = r_Rogue.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#FFF569\">Rogue</span>");
                bbcode = r_Shaman.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#2459FF\">Shaman</span>");
                bbcode = r_Warlock.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#9482CA\">Warlock</span>");
                bbcode = r_Warrior.Replace(bbcode, "<span style=\"color:#C79C6E\">Warrior</span>");

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14 years ago
Oh and incase anyone is wondering i got the exact colors from WowWiki.com/Class_colors 
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