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15 years ago
Hello everyone!

After downloading and installing this cool forum (version, Net v2.0), I changed the standard language to German and I was horrified! Ô.ô So I sat down and made a new version, using correct spelling, gender-sensitive language and a specific terminology, not three different words for the same thing. And I translated (nearly) everything which still has been in English until yet. Hope that helps!

Btw, to whoever did the first version(s):
“E-Mail-Adresse” is written with capitalized letters and hyphens, “Mitmachen” in “Danke fürs Mitmachen” has to be written with a capital M and “fürs” is not spelled “fuer's”, “Avatar” in German needs the article “der” (not “das”!), if someone has made a post, he or she “hat gepostet” (not “geposted”) and please look up the most common rules concerning the usage of the comma in German!


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15 years ago
Danke sehrTuju

Nico from Beijing
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