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I need to change my host because I have some problems almost every week. Now my site is down (already +24 hours):evil: .

I have thinked to change to godaddy but I am afraid that the Host has many falls. I do not want to spend more time and money.

Thanks in advance.

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My favorite is CrystalTech  -- not that there is anything wrong with GoDaddy -- it's just I've used Crystal and like them.
I have used GoDaddy for almost two years and I do not recall any outages. Before that I had a .Mac account (Apple). .Mac hosing is stable, but their email service has issues from time to time. Anyway, .Mac always seem a bit slow to me. After changing to GoDaddy things were faster, but it wasn't much different. Ultimately I ended up adding back the .Mac account because Apple has it so highly integrated with their apps. .Mac has the webpage; GoDaddy has the media files. This dual approach takes slightly more time, but it keeps the .Mac usage (bandwidth) lower.

Having flipped hosting services and then making all the back office changes for routing, etc., I'd say pick somebody reputable with a long standing reputation. Odds are there will be some downtime during the switch from one hosting company to the other. And each has their configuration set-up --- which can be a learning experience in and of itself. GoDaddy has been updating their site, so maybe it's better. Historically it's been a bunch of companies they bought, then they integrated the code into the GoDaddy site without rewriting it. The end result was a bunch of mixed-and-matched control panels which are hard to follow. For those who use GoDaddy often, it's probably not a problem. I only need to configure something once every 6 months - if that. Each time is a whole new learning curve with some added stress...

At this point I think I'm stuck with GoDaddy for life; since there are forums on their servers, I'm not sure how I would take forums with me to a new hosting service. Everything would need to be recreated on the new hosting company's servers. Aside from being a PITA, I probably could end up violating a user agreement or two (I have NOT looked into this). Plus, the new hosting service would need to have everything installed on the hosting service to run the forums... Yuck... I don't want to think about it. It's easier to give GoDaddy their $40/year and not worry about it 🙂
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A few years ago I would not recommend GoDaddy, but they've improved across the board and I can't think of anything wrong with them at the moment. I really like how they keep up to date on the latest Microsoft technologies with out interrupting service. But what I really like is that since they have so many customers, when I have an issue related to the hosting I can google it and find someone else who's solved the problem already.

I've never had downtime...I suspect it's not possible to use up your bandwidth allotment on shared hosting, which is bad. It makes me wonder just how many people I'm sharing the server with. But the virtual dedicated servers are fantastic!

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