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It seems that admins cannot post in, moderate, or watch newly created forums. Moderators and regular members can, however.

To reproduce the bug yourself:

1) Log in as an admin

2) Create a new forum

3) Browse to the new forum, and click New Topic, Moderate, or Watch Forum

4) BUG: you will be taken to the forum listing for the 1st category (strange)

5) Go to Admin > Host Settings > Cache and clear the cache.

6) Now you can post!

Not sure what's causing this, but it seems cache-related. And, when this happens, the topics.ascx.cs NewTopic_Click event handler is never invoked. Strange?

Seems like something we should fix before beta.

I also wish to mention that admins who do not have all the options (IE: Host Settings) cannot clear the cache and therefore cannot post in the new forum or subforum until the cache has been cleared by the admin with the Host Settings panel
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I guess we need to think about placement of some administration settings/tools which are now in host settings to board level. Caching is one such thing.
When I post FP:Ederon in a topic, I'm leaving my footprint there so I can track it once I get into coding/supporting.


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I've noticed also that newly created user doesn't see all forum topics..I don't know where's the problem. Strange thing is when i add manualy values into db tables. When i add user to grup in db(userid, groupid) everything is fine until I log for the first time..then values i added into db disappear...