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I got a question about the email notifications.

Is it possible to create a usergroup with settings that the forum will send an email to the user on EVERY post that gets made, aswell as every topic that is created? Even if the user has not posted in that topic/thread.

Or is this perhaps possible to set in the user profile?

Alot of forums have the email notification when a new post gets made in a topic they have replied in but I need to be able to have a couple of users that need an email ON EVERY reply, even if they haven't seen/replied in that section of the forum before.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Whay would you want to do that! The amount of e-mail traffic that would get generated would be gigantic for a mid-sized forum!

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yes its possible. All you have to do some hard coding. Create group and then write email function for that group users in posts.ascx, postmessage.ascx and forum.ascx in moderate folder. Each time if someone posts a new topic or add a reply to the post, call email function for that group users as well. If you need further assistance. Do let me know.

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Thanks for the reply.
The forum will not be a public forum it has other purposes wich requires this functionality.

If I need further assistance I will let you know.


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